Temperature Check


How does it work?


Guests simply hold their wrist towards the machine to within 4” from the unit. The audio temperature guide will announce whether the temperature is within normal range or not. If the guest does not approach the unit in order to be measured or if the guest tries to use something other than their body the unit will sound an announcement for the guest to measure again. This is currently only type of equipment of this kind.


The infrared component was part of a larger unit and was retooled to be a more compact and portable unit. Melexis' new MLX90632 is a miniature infrared (IR) SMD thermometer IC for accurate medical grade (± 0.2 °C) non-contact temperature measurement, especially in thermally dynamic environments and when available space is limited. MLX90632, was recognized as the winner of the Excellence in Sensors Innovation (category) at Sensors Expo 2019 which highlights cutting-edge advancements and achievements that are moving the sensors industry forward. It was adapted recently in response to demand for mobile and compact measurement.

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Download the User Manual Here.

Can the unit be customized in different languages? 




How does the unit avoid false alarms?


The STM highly intelligent temperature measurement program can prevent false alarms caused by high temperature and direct sunlight. 


What does it come with?


Mounting brackets, power cord, temperature sensor, screws and Molly bolts (to install on drywall), instruction booklet.


Is it difficult to install?


Not at all. The device can be used as a handheld, it can sit on a desk or table or it can be mounted to a door frame or the wall with the enclosed mounting brackets and screws. You will need a drill and a Phillips head screwdriver. 


Is it accurate?


Yes to within 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Can I switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius?


Yes, the toggle switch on the side will do this.


Is this FDA approved?




How big is the unit? 


6.45” x 4.44” x 1.30”


Where is it manufactured?


The infrared detector components are manufactured in Belgium. The housing and other materials are produced in the U.S. and China. 


What does it weigh?


3.30 lbs


Do you ship to all states?


Yes, the number of units purchased will determine the cost to ship based on weight. 


Is there a manufacturer’s warranty?


Yes. For defects or device failures of the product for one year, but not for damage caused by the operator.


What is your return policy?

Buyer pays for shipping to us and we ship the new product back to the buyer for free.


We are a California-based company with years of experience in delivering quality products to the market place.


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